5 Halloween Games for Toddlers and Big Kids to Enjoy

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Halloween Games for Toddlers and Big Kids
Do you remember that party you went to as a kid that didn’t have any games? Yeah, me neither! Every party has games! Whether it is a party for toddlers or big kids, there are usually always games involved, and Dee’s party will be no different. Of course, she has given me the task of finding some fun Halloween games that the kids will enjoy at her party. This time I scoured the web and ran into a few great games that I know the toddlers as well as big kids are going to have a blast playing. I chose 5 of my favorites to showcase in this post.

Spider Web Walking Game

This game is more for toddlers than it is for big kids, but you never know, big kids might enjoy the challenge that the game presents. My son Eli is 3 years old and should have no trouble playing; however, I don’t think I would recommend it for any children that are younger than 3, because it requires balance as well as hand-eye coordination. There is also a song that goes along with it that kids over the age of 6 or 7 might find annoying, so for those reasons, I am going to recommend this game for ages 3-6 years old.
Halloween games for toddlers
Learn how to set up the Spider Web Walking Game, rules for playing, and the song that goes along with it by visiting the No Time for Flash Cards website

Pumpkin Beanbag Toss

This is a Halloween game that toddlers and big kids will enjoy playing together. Big kids love the challenge of trying to throw the beanbags into the pumpkin mouths, and well, let’s face it, toddlers just like throwing things! There is also a challenge for parents in this one…The challenge of making the pumpkin beanbag toss game. I know you’re probably asking yourself, “How do I make a pumpkin beanbag toss game?” It is actually a lot simpler than it looks.
I got this idea from the Better Homes and Garden website and there are some great instructions as well as a downloadable pattern that you will be able to use for the pumpkins.
pumpkin beanbag toss game
For complete instructions detailing how to make a pumpkin beanbag game, visit the Better Homes and Gardens website

Halloween Bowling

When I first saw this idea, I thought to myself, forget letting the kids play, I wanna do this myself! For this one you are going to need some empty 2-liter bottles and a few other materials, but I have a bonus idea that will give the kids something else to do at the party.
Start out by having each kid decorate the bottle with their favorite Halloween character/theme and then line all of the bottles up and bowl them over using a tennis ball or maybe even a small pumpkin. This is a game that the toddlers as well as big kids are going to love!
Halloween bowling game for toddlers
For complete instructions as well as detailed pictures of how to design this Halloween Bowling game, visit Ramblings of a Crazy Woman website

Halloween Bucket Toss

I remember as a kid watching The Bozo Show and the bucket toss at the end of each show thinking to myself that it would be fun to play and try to win the prize for making the ball into the bucket. There is no more Bozo Show but this game is still as popular as it always was. This bucket toss with a Halloween twist is sure to be a hit with the toddlers and big kids at your Halloween party.
Halloween bucket toss
For complete instructions on putting this game together as well as detailed photos, visit the Wine and Glue website

Pin the Nose on the Jack-O-Lantern

This spin on the classic game, Pin the Tail on the Donkey, will be fun for kids of all ages. It is a game that is not hard to understand, and the younger the kids the more fun it will be to watch them play. Add even more fun by giving out a small prize to the toddler and big kid who gets closest to pinning the nose on the Jack-O-Lantern.
Pin the Nose on the Jack-O-Lantern Halloween Game
Get a free printable Jack-O-Lantern and Nose that you can use for the game by visiting the About.com website
These are 5 of the best Halloween games for toddlers and big kids that I could find. Do you have any other suggestions for fun games that Dee can play with the kids at her Halloween party? Let me know in the comments below!

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